Our animated or VR movies, printed and audio books, songs, apps and live shows helps the children have fun and practice emotional intelligence skills, all while exploring their extraordinary inner worlds, emotions, impulses, sensations and many other inner surprises πŸ™‚

But how exactly does it work?

(Works for parents too!)

Volunteer finds our solutions, loves it
Spends 20 minutes pleasantly going through the movies, apps, book and preparing
Meets the child with pleasure and confidence
The child is happy to be able to choose from animated or VR movies, books, app and games, theater shows, audio books, animated songs
They go through a part of the content, playfully learn and practice together emotional intelligence abilities like using courage, when and how πŸ™‚

They practice these like skills by playing games – sometimes like famous actors πŸ™‚

The apps are specially designed to make playful therapeutic exploration very easy and fun. Children and adults can explore when and how I also felt some emotions and many other things πŸ™‚

The relationship between the adult and the child flourishes and they get to experience a special bond – the one only playing with a child can harness πŸ™‚

The child is left with a computer or a tablet/phone with the app and enough content and therapeutic activities πŸ™‚

and with an extra playful motivation to experience the content until the next meeting πŸ™‚

Each week there will be new content

Volunteer and child are charging with energy and happiness

The next week they can’t wait to meet again, learn, practice these extraordinary life skills, continue the exploration and increase their special playful bond

Most of the volunteers we’re finding are searching for an active way to help the children with their emotional challenges and don’t have any solution

We give them more than 5 different solutions

For some children, whenever we can, we also organize special live shows πŸ™‚

All our work is based on a huge body of research, love and dedication from our amazing team πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚