Report for the year 2021, Micile emotii mari NGO


In 2021 we worked with more than 600 children and our movies reached thousands of children, parents, educators.

We will reedit the page and make media visible on the page. We are now busy providing emotional intelligence and trauma informed games, theater and magic performances, apps, books, audiobooks and VR experiences to children from Ukraine. Our time and resources are a limited but you can see the clear concentrated report below. 

We cooperated and helped other organisations like:
– APEAL ngo on vocational and emotional support and their unique educational camps:
– Asociatia Heart (ngo) on offering training to girls on the topic of emotional intelligence, resilience in the context of specific post-pandemic mental challenges and disporpotionate discrimination: and
– Umanitadd ngo by offering children and teenagers emotional support and training on how to avoid misinformation: and .
We also started designing and including VR experiences and offering these to children in different parts of the country (notable was our collaboration with the French institute fron Timisoara). (
We helped designing and creating different educative or therapeutic unique 360 movies (experience used later in developing the complex sollution for children diagnosed with autism and from February 2022 to develop the complex therapeutic fun sollution for children and mothers fron Ukraine):
We also helped creating a loved podcast for the Heart association: .
We started designing and creating our own educational complex solutions combining art and technology in unique and innovative ways.
We created a way to touch many subjects in our educative solution. Subjects like neuroscience and psychology, ecology, human rights, cooperation, misinformation, emotional intelligence and emotional agility, bullying and non-violent communication, wellness, personal values and happiness.
This allowed us to quickly change our activities to help Ukrainian children and mothers once the war started.
We also started working a lot at a program for teenagers and young people diagnosed with Autism. When the war was imminent we had to change our activities to help children and mothers from Ukraine. We will continue that project for people affected by the Autism spectrum when the current activities are stabilized.
That work allowed us to create animations, theater performances, interactive VR experiences, apps, stories and audiobooks for children affected by the war in Ukraine.
As some of the project are not finished yet, please find some of these creations here:


Report for the year 2020, Micile emotii mari NGO

2020 was a very challenging and difficult year. Yet with all the challenges we adapted, created, tested, changed, failed and … finally had the biggest impact yet.

We managed to offer therapeutic stories, movies and audio stories to more than 40 000 children and adults. Many people (children, teachers, parents) told us they were helped by our NGO this way. We improved them to a point they where very efficient, engaging, memorable and fun. The lockdown, restrictions, harshness of the period, all passed much easier and with healthier consequences because we created and enjoyed together these therapeutic audio or written stories and movies.

We also created different types of movies, animations, images. Just a few examples below (we iterated a lot to see what can work in the unique 2019 lockdown times):

We started the year adapting the innovative apps for children in schools to learn about emotions. Combining neuroscience, psychology, art, nature, technology, animation, interactive movies, games and stories the results where better and better. We worked all year on the app, joggling between projects.

A demo of the app can be found here (some are internal and not published):


When Covid 19 came, all schools and the children’s hospitals we worked in where closed or we had no access anymore (for obvious reasons).


We started a unique campaign to help children and people of all ages navigate through the difficult emotions in the lockdown period and after.


We also worked at the in-school program for the children, hoping the restrictions will be lifted and schools started again. Then the schools opened again and soon where closed and remained closed.


So we had to move more towards the online activities and apps. We had some challenges with apps as we couldn’t promote them for children to use it outside the school or hospital. People (either teachers or parents) are not open to them and we did not want to advertise to the children (nor did we had a budget to advertise to parents the right way).


We also stared working on the following projects (still ongoing and to be tested for impact and long-term sustainability):

– adapting the therapeutic stories, animations and games for another innovative app to be used in hospitals so children can learn to better manage emotions and pain, learn to use courage to walk and make efforts when they needed to recuperate physically and psychologically after difficult times

– designing a series of movies and a portable state of the art studio to be used in movies about neuroscience and ways to use it for cooperating and act towards solving global challenges as climate change , pollution, threats to democracy and technological challenges.

– designing a unique global movement to use neuroscience and the knowledge about emotion to better protect the planet, cooperate and get more and more people to help humanity advance towards a sustainable future for us all

– designing a project combining neuroscience, psychology, art, nature, technology, animation, interactive movies, games and stories aimed at offering the chance to learn socio-emotional skills to children diagnosed with different forms of autism

– designing a series of therapeutic stories for children with disabilities


Report for the year 2019, Micile emotii mari NGO

In order to respect your time, we present here a short report

In order to respect the privacy of some children, we will not post images or movies from some activities

2019 was the year of big changes for our organization. It was also the year when we offered quality appealing emotional education for about 1100 children (and significant adults or teachers) in Romania.

Also this year we changed the approach to provide longer-term, more effective emotional education and for more children and adults in the coming years.

It has been a very challenging year but we are proud of the results. We’ve also laid the foundation to provide better life chances for even more children and adults in the years to come.

We imagined a type of educative or therapeutic stories, movies and applications for children. We tested them and created a few iterations. We also created software libraries, procedures, audio and a lot of appealing graphics, charaters, scripts and songs to produce the movies, apps, interactive, text and audio books. We’ve also tested them with hundreds of children in schools.

We created and promoted a unique indiegogo campaign. We did not raise the full amount needed but we learned a lot and also started making more movies in a new more efficient way.

We continued to create movies and apps and to partner with other organizations to be able to help tens of thousands of children 🙂 Movies like this have the potential to help millions of children:

11 Feb, 2 more magic interactive kits arrived in the oncology institute for children Bucharest, through our partner Pavel NGO 🙂 These will be used by the children in the hospital, about two hours max a day, so they can learn practical ways to manage pain, stress and emotions (contact person Mihai Benga, Pavel NGO).

14 February
One of our books and a small theater show brought a smile for the children and teenagers from the oncology section of a hospital in Brasov


From 18 April
We started working with 30 to 200 children living in an isolated village near Bucharest, partnering with Asociatia IMPREUNA CRESTEM VALORI NGO 🙂 Contact person Iulia Ferchedau Ioan, psychologist working with children


We work with more than 40 children and the adults around them in Pănătău, Buzău County, Romania to manage emotions through a specially designed theater play and workshop based on their needs 🙂 Contact person: Ana Ecaterina Gorin, psychologist at the Amurtel NGO, working with the children and the adults around them
Started and continuing to work throughout the year with the children and teenagers from Amurtel NGO 🙂
To protect the children’s identity, we’re not allowed to have photos on this event
We’re also continuing to help the NGO’s psychologist to work with the children by using our tools and games, a continuation of our theatre plays 🙂
Children also enjoy the gifts from our organization for them, as it was Christmas 🙂 We encourage you to go to children in need and offer them gifts, without asking for anything in return. The gift of joy you’ll receive is maybe the best gift in the world 🙂

Created a unique program where celebrities loved by children talk to the children and teenagers we work with 🙂 So they can learn about emotions, motivation, hope and optimist outlook in life. This program is continued in 2019 too 🙂

355 children with disabilities, living in poor environments or learning in schools with diverse challenges enjoyed our innovative program to stimulate cooperation, reduce child aggression and learn together with educators to manage emotions, stress and different situations in their lives.

They learn in the following schools and we have worked with the following teachers:

Special School number 10, Bucharest

15 children diagnosed with autism or down syndrome (some with mild and moderate mental deficiencies)

Responsible: Director: Stoican Paraschiva Paula, Project Coordinator: Baban Iuliana, Tutors: Prof. Crântă Alexandra, Nichita Florentina and Burlacu Aniela

5th, 6th and 8th grades

One of the photos here

One of the photos here

The Primary School Moara Domnească

45 children studying in the third and fourth grades, Teachers: Popa Geta and Dontu Ionică

School no. 124, Bucharest

33 children studying in Class 2A Teacher: Iordache Adriana

28 children learning in class 2B Teacher: Sandica Deța

21 children learning in class 2C Teacher: Ciaușu Camelia

29 children learning in the Cls class. Preparatory Teacher: Spătaru Camelia-Mihaela

32 children who teach in Preparatory Class B, Teacher: Nicoleta Marin

Gymnasium School No. 153, Bucharest

20 children learning in class Preparatory class A, Teacher: Labra Simona

20 children learning in class Preparatory class B, Teacher: Vrancea Livia

27 children learning in the 1st class, Teacher: Constantin Elena Irina

25 children studying in the second class, Teacher: Miron Petronela

35 children learning in Class III, Teacher: Buzdugan Mihaela

25 children who are studying in the fourth class, Teacher: Marin Elena

We created a unique program: therapeutic movies, stories, audio books, interactive books and apps for about 700 children and parents admitted annually to the psychiatric hospital in Sibiu. They will benefit each year from emotional education and therapeutic methods and stories that can help them manage stress, emotions, pain. Contact person Muresan Ligia, psychologist, working with the children on a daily basis, vice president of the association of the psychiatric hospital Dr. Gh. Preda from Sibiu.


About 50 children at Our big day out benefited from emotional education through VR movies and mobile games. We thank the organizers for the opportunity to help 🙂 


15 children and teenagers from Ciocănești, Dâmbovița area benefited from emotional, social and ecological education in partnership with the Association for Education, Entrepreneurship, Leaders.



2018 Report of activity

2018 was a hugely important year for us, being able to create so much content and helping more than 2000 children to learn and practice valuable life skills.

We offered children in need the opportunity to get in contact with advanced notions related to Emotional Intelligence and personal development, offering them equal chances and the perspective of a better life.

Here is a list of the things we proudly accomplished in 2018.

Produced and played more than 20 educational live shows for 712 children in need. During the shows, kids had the opportunity to learn about emotions and the inner worlds, while practicing emotional intelligence abilities.

See more about our activities for the children here:

And here:

Check out the posts about our events for children in need here:

We gave away 1400 emotional intelligence kits (audio books and guided meditations) to 1400 children in need at Conil, the Integration Festival, and our therapeutic printed book “Miracol în Lumea Emoțiilor” (see presentation below) to 160 children with disabilities.
Find out more about this below:

We gave away 30 therapeutic books to children in need. See more about it here:

We created movies and promotional materials with local celebrities who greet the children in 360 degree movies! Children were impressed to be able to see their favorite artists that they sometimes take as role-models – just like they are face to face with them! These movies are designed to help children improve their self-image. See a post about one of these movies here:

We documented the therapeutic results of our first book (“Miracol în Lumea Emoțiilor”) and prepared the international publishing of this extraordinary bestselling book – please see the presentation here:

Another key activity was finding partners and mentors to help us with the international publishing and campaign of our first book entitled “Miracol în Lumea Emoțiilor”.

We also created and tested one chapter of the audio version of our wonderful book
and initiated the professional creation of the next audio-book chapters.

We made presentations of our NGO, you can find a few of them here:
Brief presentation:
Detailed presentation:

Created and tested more than 10 educational shows and events for children – please see the past and future events on

We produced and played more than 30 educational live shows for about 340 children from families with middle-to-high revenues. Children specifically learned about emotions, the inner worlds and practiced emotional intelligence abilities. These shows allowed us to help children in need, being part of the social business we are proudly growing. Please see the past events on

A lovely trailer here:

We formulated the procedures for easily creating very appealing educational shows for children, where they learn and practice emotional intelligence abilities.

Created one unique type of mobile and PC app for educational live shows for children + tested the special state-of-the-art hardware for it.
We’ll need to secure a patent for the hardware because of its uniqueness and usefulness.

Generated and tested more than 10 types of movies + created all the procedures to produce more movies of the same type.

Created and tested 3 animated songs in English and our local language + organized all the procedures to create more movies and songs of that type.
You can see one of them in the two languages available – here:

Created and tested more than 30 short movies – for children and adults (animated, 2D, VR) to help us in promoting our cause.
You can see one of them here:

Created two educational mobile apps, one published and tested and one scheduled to be tested and released in January.

Designed and tested one type of adapting the apps to classroom setting for helping the children living in poor environments and other children from schools that can pay, sustaining our social business.

Designed and successfully implemented procedures to create mobile apps and transform them into animations, live shows, stories and audio books – it was the only way we could create so much content in a relatively short period of time, all while keeping our balance.

Designed four types of educational mobile apps for children and the procedures to create new episodes:
One with movies and no words – like the movie for training the courage
One with “the inner super-power of imagination” and audio books or meditations + funny and captivating inserts
One with our main character Miry travelling and small tasks for children to help the characters find the secret portals hidden inside the labyrinths and open doors
One for adults

Analyzed the local crowdfunding campaign of last year – and learned why it didn’t have the success we intended and needed. We learned a lot from it and are now ready to create the second one, an international one. You can see more about our first campaign here:

Wrote more than 10 stories about emotions, the inner world and training emotional intelligence abilities.

We also published these stories on social media as well as many articles for parents and adults – measured and learned what works, what moves people and what is that they search and need.

Created one mobile app for children diagnosed with autism – scheduled to be tested and released in January.

All the apps, movies and books are helping children and adults practice emotional intelligence abilities.

In all the content we’ve created, we tested the results and if the costs/benefits ratio is good enough compared to other creations. We also put together all the procedures that allow us to produce more similar content (apps, movies, stories, different types of books, live shows).

Tested different types of events for fundraising and promoted the events. We learned a lot from them and invested precious time and energy, but they were worth it. You can see more about two of them here:

And here:

Started the creation of our campaign and tested different ways of generating and using content that helps people and stimulates their compassion and generosity towards other fellow human beings.

Tested and designed fun insertions for all the content types we produce.

We tested more than 6 ways to generate revenue from our social business and kept two of them – still testing more ways but faster. Still learning a lot about social businesses.

We made many interviews with famous people (artist, speakers, entrepreneurs and many local or international celebrities) – soon to be used in our crowdfunding campaign. You can see one here:

We subscribed and were also accepted in Google Adwords for Non-Profit, made a partnership with a big national hospital and two local organizations. We also create all the accounts and learned to work with the adwords campaigns. We’re still learning …

Enrolled more than 150 potential volunteers, around 20 are proven to be active and the list is still growing.

Found new ways to manage the volunteers.

We worked hard to gather a compelling body of research and made a list of all the studies we base our work upon. You can check them out on our website here.
We also made the plan for all the future creations and episodes and

created various content and tested countless ways of helping children and adults with our art. You can see just one of them here:

Created and updated the website and the project in detail.

Made the business plan and financial needs and projections for growing our current social business.

Prepared the crowdfunding campaign.

You can see more about it here:

You can find more about our events and movies below:

From 7 September throughout the year:
Worked with more than 40 children and the adults around them in Pănătău, Buzău County, Romania to manage emotions through a specially designed theater play and workshop based on their needs 🙂 Contact person: Ana Ecaterina Gorin, psychologist at the Amurtel NGO, working with the children and the adults around them
Started and continuing to work throughout the year with the children and teenagers from Amurtel NGO 🙂
To protect the children’s identity, we’re not allowed to have photos on this event
We’re also continuing to help the NGO’s psychologist to work with the children by using our tools and games, a continuation of our theatre plays 🙂

9 December
Worked with about 20 children and teenagers but also the adults aroud them
Centrul de primire minori “Pinocchio Nr. 3”, Str. Sergent Bonea Marin nr. 2, sector 3, Bucuresti (zona Auchan Vitan)
(see the facebook event here:
To protect the children’s identity, we’re not allowed to have photos on this event

11 Dec
Started to work with 100 children from school number 124, so they can learn to manage anger and deal with bullying, but also manage other emotions and build a better life for them and the ones around them (contact persons Iordache Adriana Margareta, Sandu Stela și Deța Săndica, teachers)

17 Dec
Participated and played parts of our theater show for more than 160 children living in foster homes, children that lost the support of the parents and children living in very poor environments at “Our Big day out” special extraordinary event 🙂
Children also enjoyed the message of local artist Smiley as a VR experience that was amazing for them. It was like he was there for them 🙂
Our Big day out contact person Ileana Negut (
To protect the children’s identity, we’re not allowed to have photos on this event

19 December
Started to work with 150 children from school number 153, so they can learn to manage anger and deal with bullying, but also manage other emotions and build a better life for them and the ones around them (contact persons Constantin Elena Irina, Miron Petronela, Marin Elena, Vrancea Livia, Cozma Loredana, teachers)