Our new project: Offering relief to Ukrainian children by combining art and technology in innovative unique ways

We offer a spectrum of solutions combining
best seller printed and audio books,
online performative art plus special effects,
immersive VR experiences,
interactive apps,

We all may fear the impact of loved children being bullied or scared.

For children and mothers from Ukraine this can be an everyday reality.

They live the trauma of being bullied out of their homes and separated from their fathers, husbands, families, toys. Sometimes they even experienced severe physical abuse.

As we may still remember childhood suffering with a lot of emotion

We can only imagine what many of these children and mothers are going through.

We had the chance to stop imagining and start helping.

And we shifted all our activity to offer playful therapeutic assistance to these children and mothers.

We are coordinated by experts with a lot of experience in working with children and families from Syria, Afghanistan and other war-affected zones.

You can see, hear and test some of our creations here: https://viahappiness.org/creations-and-extraordinary-results/

We are concentrating now on offering assistance to the children in need from Ukraine and are still working on demos of our solutions.


We will reedit the site and make it better and clearer. We are now busy providing emotional intelligence and trauma informed games, theater and magic performances, apps, books, audiobooks and VR experiences to children from Ukraine. Our time and resources are a limited but we made sure you can see on the site: reports of our activity, detailed information about our expert team, the extensive research we use to design our educative experiences, our loved and useful creations and so much more.Β 


Before the war this was the text of this page:

We playfully bring a hugely important science-based help to children in hospitals, foster homes, living in poverty or with disabilities: emotional intelligence abilities and fun therapeutic content
And to children in any family πŸ™‚

Now we dare to help millions of children by growing our existing social business,
with love and passion, the huge scalability, procedures, huge body of research and our amazing caring team of experts
Learning can be done on the long term and engaging for the children,
All children deserve very diverse content and methods like we found nowhere else on this planet πŸ™‚

Please see some of our huge body of research below, suggesting the importance of our work for millions of children, our society and the planet we all live on

It’s a big project, but our extraordinary team did amazing stuff before (see our creations, results and amazing testimonials here)

Come with us and help more and more children and volunteers form a special bond, so they can playfully learn and practice together emotional intelligence skills – and rehearse them just like they are famous actors πŸ™‚

We created animated and VR movies, audio, printed or interactive books and stories, animated songs, mobile apps and games, live or VR shows for a complete learning experience

Amazing experiences most of the children we work with never experienced in their life

But now they can
Millions of them!
Let’s help them and the volunteers!

And you can get the same solution for any child you love
And a simpler but powerful app and content for adults too πŸ™‚

More than 140 pages of research conclusions strongly suggests how important the emotional intelligence is for children in general; and also for these under-served children – but also for our society
We engineered our content and solution based on heart, experience and research πŸ™‚
We base our work on a huge body of research: methods we use in episodes, the importance of emotional intelligence, the probable effects of our solutions, efficacy and attractiveness on the long-term for children and adults
You can find the huge body of research about the importance of emotional intelligence and our work, the subjects and many more here:Β https://www.viahappiness.org/index.php/huge-importance/